At RSG Group, we are where we are today because we are strong in two ways. We're down-to-earth, reliable and entrepreneurial - but we're also enthusiastic, crazy and creative. We include global brands like McFIT, Gold's Gym and much more. Get to know us.

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RSG Group is a global company with more than 10,000 employees including our franchisees. We are focused, loud, strategic and wild. For our founder Rainer Schaller, the focus has always been on people and their individual strengths. We consistently carry on this legacy with our family values as an employer and are proud of our employees. Is family the highest good for you, too? Welcome to our company. You fit in with us. Come to RSG Group and leave your mark with your impulses.

Our strong brands and forward-looking concepts include Gold's Gym, McFIT, the JOHN REED Family (JOHN REED Fitness Music Club, JOHN REED Women's Club, JOHN & JANE'S, THE REED), Qi², HEIMAT and McFIT MODELS. With our versatile portfolio, we ensure that we are an essential part of our customers' active everyday lives.

Our corporate culture makes us strong. But what makes it so? Our founder, Rainer Schaller, shaped our family-oriented corporate culture and was considered a pioneer of the fitness market thanks to his unconventional ideas. With him as a pioneer, we became one of the world's leading fitness companies. In his spirit, we want to continue this legacy and continuously develop on all levels.
As a sworn team, we work hard together at eye level for the common goal. We share the same values and are professional, but also passionate and emotional. Because we burn for what we do and continuously develop ourselves on all levels.  An open, honest and comradely culture is deeply rooted in our everyday work and can be felt everywhere. We are friends who accept each other for who we are from day one. In this way, we create trust to learn from each other and from our own mistakes, and to grow beyond ourselves.

With our strong brands and forward-looking concepts, we ensure that we are an essential part of our customers' active everyday lives. In an age in which mobility and networking are becoming increasingly important, we are not resting on our laurels, but are constantly opening up new fields. Our ideas and their realization are constantly setting new standards and providing impetus far beyond the areas of fitness, lifestyle and design.

We are unique. We are diverse. We are 10,000 employees worldwide in the RSG Group with our franchisees. And each individual on our team has their own unique story. In the future, we want to tell these stories in this space and thus bring the most important thing into focus: The people!